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31 Days To A Miracle Mindset - Joshua Mills (Book)

Through this powerful book you will journey into new dimensions of exploring the miracles of the bible along with discovering powerful truths that will unlock the miracle realm in your own life!  Excellent resource for personal devotion or group study.  Foreword by Dr. Mike Murdock (The Wisdom Center, Fort Worth, TX).  Paperback. 62 pages.

Our Price: $10.00
31 Days of Health, Wealth & Happiness - Joshua Mills (Book)

"31 Days of Health, Wealth and Happiness is a helpful resource to assist you in your daily walk of faith. It is brief, to the point and crystal clear in its approach, backed by scripture and divided into daily bite size pieces full of hope. Through this book you will be encouraged to take your place as a healed, whole, wealthy and happy child of God... We recommend this book to you!" - Dr. Stephen & Kellie Swisher, Kenneth Copeland Ministries, Fort Worth, Texas.

Excellent book to focus on the blessings and provision of God... and begin to see them manifest in your own life! Includes 3 special teachings: 8 Reasons Why Healing Belongs to You; 3 Keys for Discovering Your Prosperity; 12 Golden Principles for Experiencing Happiness. And each of the 31 daily devotionals include a wisdom key, scripture and practical activation. Foreword by Dr. Mark Chironna. Paperback. 100 pages.

Our Price: $10.00
31 Days to a Breakthrough Prayer Life - Joshua Mills (Book)

In this powerful book by Joshua Mills you will begin understanding the foundations to a healthy and successful prayer life, along with discovering remarkable truths about 'The Breaker Anointing' and the '7 Secrets to Answered Prayer'.  Foreword by Matt Sorger. Paperback. 132 pages.

Our Price: $12.00
Co- Powerful Partnerships in Marriage - Various Authors (Book)

Couples of the past and present draw back the curtains, revealing different aspects of their marriages where they have tapped into the power of CO-. As co-heirs they walk together in power and confidence toward their destinies. You, too, can live a life of fulfillment with supernatural blessings in your marriage, family and zone of influence. Come and discover the richness of CO-!

Authors include Dr. Dan & Linda Wilson, Dr. Che & Sue Ahn, Dr. Paul & Teri Looney, Robert & Katie Souza, Joshua & Janet Angela Mills and others. Paperback. 114 pages.

Our Price: $13.00
Atmosphere: Creating a Realm for Miracles & Success - Joshua Mills (Book)


Sharing from years of experience in the supernatural, Joshua Mills will show you the significance of your atmosphere and how it affects you and others around you in a powerful way. In this fascinating book you will learn how to develop an atmosphere for miracles and success to abound in your life! Includes the following chapters:

~ 20 Facts About Your Atmosphere
~ Body, Soul & Spirit
~ Creating a Miracle Climate
~ Sound & Light
~ Colors
~ Organization
~ Generosity
~ Influencing Your Environment

Foreword by Dr. Clarice Fluitt

Our Price: $15.00
Simple Supernatural: Keys to Living in the Glory Realm - Joshua Mills (Book)


You are supernatural! Every believer in Christ is a supernatural being with a supernatural purpose - called to walk in the supernatural ways of heaven while demonstrating God's supernatural Kingdom here on earth!

In Simple Supernatural, Joshua Mills shares exciting personal testimonies, biblical keys and practical guidelines that will launch you into a supernatural lifestyle. Learn how to:

~Live in the Glory Realm!
~Win souls supernaturally!
~Be filled with the Power of God!
~Manifest God's Word and heal the sick!

Let go of any preconceived ideas and allow the Holy Spirit to lead you into the greatest days you've ever known. This is simple supernatural! Hard cover (Gift Book Version). 143 pages.

Our Price: $15.00
Time & Eternity: Taking Authority Over Your Day! - Joshua Mills (Book)

After reading this book you'll never NOT have enough time again!  Best-selling author and keynote conference speaker, Joshua Mills, shares scriptural keys and revelatory concepts in this revolutionary book that will enable you to learn how to co-operate with heaven in order to accelerate time, reverse time and experience divine favor with time!  This is the book that you've been waiting for!  Foreward by Paul Keith Davis.  Paperback. 104 pages.

Our Price: $15.00
Lovemaking: 10 Secrets to Extravagant Intimacy in Marriage - Dan & Linda Wilson (Book)

Dr. Dan and Linda Wilson have written another outstanding book for couples...but this one is very different! Lovemaking deals with a subject that is too often considered taboo within the church. We're so glad the Wilson's were willing to pull back the sheets in order to share their straight-forward, honest, and practical advice that will help many couples succeed in the bedroom and beyond! Sex was, is, and always will be God's idea for lasting marriages. We only wish this book had been available years ago when we first got married. It is an excellent reference for newlyweds and any married couple that would like to ignite their passion and feel like newlyweds all over again! ~ Joshua & Janet Angela Mills

Chapters Include:
#1. Play
#2. Liberate
#3. Communicate
#4. Entice
#5. Explore
#6. Imagine
#7. Satisfy
#8. Adapt
#9. Embrace
#10. Love

Our Price: $15.00
Positioned for Prosperity: Blessing, Favor & Increase - Joshua Mills (Book)

We must let go of our poverty so that we can grab hold of God's prosperity!  We must let go of our pain so that we can obtain God's peace.  We must let go of old mindsets so that we can become God-minded in our understanding of Kingdom economics.  With over 650 scriptures, Positioned for Prosperity contains supernatural revelation that will cause you to move towards activation in order to produce a manifestation of God's ultimate prosperity in your life!  Don't let anything hold you back any longer!  In this book, Joshua Mills will provide you with keys that will open up opportunities for you to experience God's blessing, supernatural favor and exponential increase in your life!  Are you ready to be positioned for prosperity? Paperback. 200 pages.

Our Price: $20.00
Time & Eternity 5-Pack - Joshua Mills (Special Package)

This special combo-pack includes the following glory resources from Joshua Mills: Time & Eternity Book; Taking Dominion Over Time CD; Reversing The Clock CD; 7 Master Keys for a Long & Successful Life Ministry Card; Taking Dominion Over Time Scriptures & Declarations Ministry Card. (Retail $45.00... savings of $15.00!)

*Includes Book, CDs & Ministry Card resources (does not include decorative items pictured)

Our Price: $45.00
Sale Price: $30.00
Savings: $15.00