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Heavenly Things: Throne Room Encounters - Joshua Mills (CD) Heavenly Things: Throne Room Encounters - Joshua Mills (CD)


This CD is a recording of a spontaneous visitation we experienced while ministering in Phoenix, Arizona several years ago. When Joshua Mills stood to minister he was taken into the spirit and began speaking what he was seeing. Angels of God were descending and ascending in the meeting. Many people were carried away into the third heaven to see, hear and witness the glories of heaven as the music flowed with such ease and the prophetic new song. None of these things had been planned, but it all came forth in the spontaneity of the glory. It is our prayer that you will join into this corporate encounter of divine visitation even as you listen to this CD.

Includes the following tracks:
1. Intro
2. In The Glory
3. Open to the Wonders
4. Revelation of the Heavens
5. Ezekiel Flew
6. Carried in the Spirit

*CD Only (Does not include decorative accessories shown)

Our Price: $15.00
The Power of Your Testimony - Joshua Mills (CD) The Power of Your Testimony - Joshua Mills (CD)

Too small to share, too trivial to make a difference, often overlooked and appearing insignificant to the human eye? Your story matters! Through this powerful teaching you will begin to recognize it's time to change your perception of your testimony! Discover that the mysteries of the Glory are hidden deep within your testimony. Are you ready to step through the portals of revelation into the four realms of Testimony? One Testimony for the Glory of God can change a life for eternity!

In this powerful teaching CD, you will learn how you can share your testimony like a seed and expect an unimaginable harvest to come back to you! Release the Word of your testimony and as you refresh others you will be refreshed. Discovering and walking in the supernatural Power of your divine testimony can be yours today!

Our Price: $15.00
Ministering with Angels: How To Activate the Angelic Realm in Your Life! - Joshua Mills (CD) Ministering with Angels: How To Activate the Angelic Realm in Your Life! - Joshua Mills (CD)

Throughout the scriptures we are encouraged to seek first the kingdom realities of God. This means positioning ourselves for an understanding and revelation of the heavens. Throughout recorded history there has been miraculous Angelic intervention among mankind. God's ways are unchanging and His methods for pouring out His Glory remain the same - He chooses to use Angels along with willing vessels in order to release His blessings on the earth!

In this prophetic message you will find the answers to these and many more questions:
~ What was the purpose of Angels in the bible?
~ What is the purpose of Angels today?
~ Are Guardian Angels a reality or a myth?
~ What do Angels really look like?
~ Is it God's will for us to co-operate with Angels?

This anointed and revelatory teaching will open up your eyes to the supernatural reality of this invisible realm. On this CD, Joshua Mills gives clear biblical perspective along with personal testimony and scriptural keys to unlock the Angelic realm in your life!

Our Price: $15.00
Miracle Money - Joshua Mills (CD) Miracle Money - Joshua Mills (CD)

The glory of God is being released in this day with a flow of financial blessing!  The bible declares "I pray that you may prosper in every way and that your body may keep well, even as I know your soul keeps well and prospers."  In this new wave of signs and wonders many people around the world are beginning to experience money supernaturally appearing in purses, pockets and bank accounts.  Also, instant debt reduction and debt cancellation are commonplace as this wave of generosity swells with kingdom wealth.  God has an end-time transferance of wealth available for you as the Glory is releasing miracle money!

Our Price: $15.00
The Power of the Glory Cloud - Joshua Mills (CD) The Power of the Glory Cloud - Joshua Mills (CD)

Are you ready for more than just one glimpse?  Are you ready to open the eyes of your understanding and see Jesus Christ fully... eye to eye and face to face?  This CD will take you on a divine supernatural journey into the very core, the very being of that powerful, weighty cloud of healing, abundance, illumination and revelation where all of your needs, your situations and your worries diminish instantly in the Power of the Glory Cloud!  This recording was captured live during a corporate encounter... within this prophetic flow words of knowledge are given... creative miracles occur... heavenly signs and wonders begin to appear... lives are changed forever.  You will feel the same atmosphere surround you as you listen to this extremely anointed CD.

Our Price: $15.00
Childbirth in the Glory - Janet Angela Mills (CD) Childbirth in the Glory - Janet Angela Mills (CD)

Childbirth in the Glory is a supernaturally anointed CD which will release God's promises for conception, pregnancy, delivery and dedication over your life. For many women pregnancy is oftentimes a season of sickness, mood swings and stress followed by tremendous pain and hard labor. Some married couples have even been told that they can never conceive a child, while others have suffered the pain of one miscarriage after another. As a child of God and citizen of heaven this is not the way God intended for it to be! This CD contains promise scriptures and anointed declarations set to beautiful soaking worship music intended for a pain-free and supernatural Childbirth in the Glory!

Includes the following tracks:
1) The Promise
2) Declarations for a Childbirth in the Glory
3) Entering into the Rest
4) Birthing
5) Consecrated unto the Glory
6) Prayer for all Children - by Lincoln Mills
(Tracks 7-12 are instrumental soaking worship)

Total time: 65:12

Our Price: $15.00
Becoming A Generous Receiver - Joshua Mills (CD) Becoming A Generous Receiver - Joshua Mills (CD)

When you become a true believer you will position yourself to become a miracle receiver. Many Christians suffer lack in various areas of their lives because they haven't yet learned how to receive God's supernatural supply. Through this anointed teaching CD you will learn how to become a 'Generous Receiver' of heaven's blessings. Learn how to receive abundant provision... divine revelation... overflowing miracles... supernatural encounters and more! God wants to fill your life with His Glory... will you let Him do it? Learn the art of receiving through the principles Joshua Mills shares on this CD.

*This offer is for the CD only (does not include book or other accessories displayed)

Our Price: $15.00
Taking Dominion Over Time - Joshua Mills (CD) Taking Dominion Over Time - Joshua Mills (CD)

Explore the dimensions of eternity!  In the Glory Realm... time can be accelerated... time can be stopped... time can be reversed... And you can have favor with time!  Through this teaching CD learn how to move in these supernatural dimensions through scriptural understanding and powerful testimonies!  You can take dominion over time!

Our Price: $15.00
12 Master Keys for Creating An Atmosphere of Miracles & Success! - Joshua Mills (CD) 12 Master Keys for Creating An Atmosphere of Miracles & Success! - Joshua Mills (CD)

Sharing from years of experience in the supernatural, Joshua Mills will teach you the significance of your atmosphere and how it affects you in a powerful way. You will learn to develop an atmosphere for miracles and success to abound in your life! Joshua's concise yet practical applications for sustaining God's glory, presence, victory and atmosphere will change your life. He has taken an experience that many people long for and lays out truth and revelation on how to facilitate and live in an atmosphere of the Glory Realm. Joshua will equip you with powerful truths for living a sustainable supernatural lifestyle and seeing your environment completely transformed!

Our Price: $15.00
Simple Supernatural - Joshua Mills (CD) Simple Supernatural - Joshua Mills (CD)

This CD is a must for walking in the Supernatural as a lifestyle for every believer. God watches over His Word to perform it. He's not sending you out empty handed but equipping you through the revelation of the Word with many practical keys and techniques that will simply amaze you.

Learn how to win souls in the glory!
Learn how to receive and minister the baptism of the Holy Ghost!
Learn the steps to ministering healing successfully!

Our Price: $15.00
Time & Eternity 5-Pack - Joshua Mills (Special Package) Time & Eternity 5-Pack - Joshua Mills (Special Package)

This special combo-pack includes the following glory resources from Joshua Mills: Time & Eternity Book; Taking Dominion Over Time CD; Reversing The Clock CD; 7 Master Keys for a Long & Successful Life Ministry Card; Taking Dominion Over Time Scriptures & Declarations Ministry Card. (Retail $45.00... savings of $15.00!)

*Includes Book, CDs & Ministry Card resources (does not include decorative items pictured)

Our Price: $45.00
Sale Price: $30.00
Savings: $15.00