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Heavenly Things: Throne Room Encounters - Joshua Mills (CD)


This CD is a recording of a spontaneous visitation we experienced while ministering in Phoenix, Arizona several years ago. When Joshua Mills stood to minister he was taken into the spirit and began speaking what he was seeing. Angels of God were descending and ascending in the meeting. Many people were carried away into the third heaven to see, hear and witness the glories of heaven as the music flowed with such ease and the prophetic new song. None of these things had been planned, but it all came forth in the spontaneity of the glory. It is our prayer that you will join into this corporate encounter of divine visitation even as you listen to this CD.

Includes the following tracks:
1. Intro
2. In The Glory
3. Open to the Wonders
4. Revelation of the Heavens
5. Ezekiel Flew
6. Carried in the Spirit

*CD Only (Does not include decorative accessories shown)

Our Price: $15.00
SpiritSpa: Instrumental Piano - Joshua Mills (CD)


Linger in peaceful realms and indulge your spirit with these soothing heavenly piano melodies. One of our most popular soaking CD's! This music has been played in Day Spa's, Doctor/Dentist offices, Teacher's classrooms, Hotels and Churches all over the world... releasing the rest, ease and rejuvenation of the Holy Spirit.

Includes the following Tracks:
1) Peaceful Soak
2) Heaven's Delight
3) Trust
4) Fly
5) Ascending & Descending
6) Sweet Presence
7) Who You Are
8) Medley: Closer // Waterfall
9) Surrender
10) Fragrant Oil
11) Glorious Horizon

Total time - 44:54

Our Price: $15.00
The Power of the Glory Cloud - Joshua Mills (CD)

Are you ready for more than just one glimpse?  Are you ready to open the eyes of your understanding and see Jesus Christ fully... eye to eye and face to face?  This CD will take you on a divine supernatural journey into the very core, the very being of that powerful, weighty cloud of healing, abundance, illumination and revelation where all of your needs, your situations and your worries diminish instantly in the Power of the Glory Cloud!  This recording was captured live during a corporate encounter... within this prophetic flow words of knowledge are given... creative miracles occur... heavenly signs and wonders begin to appear... lives are changed forever.  You will feel the same atmosphere surround you as you listen to this extremely anointed CD.

Our Price: $15.00
SpiritSpa 2 - Joshua Mills (CD)

Calming and soothing, SpiritSpa 2 gently envelops and embraces you in a blanket of heavenly peace with it's original piano compositions. This beautiful album is sure to calm the spirit, soul and body with rest, ease and rejuvenation.

Includes the following Tracks:
1) The Unfolding (20:05)
2) Mysterious Love (14:12)
3) Illumination (11:20)
4) Cascading Glory (10:06)
5) Endless Journey (4:14)

Total time - 59:58

What people have said about SpiritSpa:

"I fully recommend SpiritSpa for every massage therapist as well as anyone else who is looking for music to aid in relaxation."
- Melody Barker, NCTM, LMT TX, LMT TN, Nationally Certified Massage Therapist, Nashville, TN

"...this music does in fact belong in every spa across the country."
-Shaun H., Radio Indy Music Review, Encinitas, CA

Our Price: $15.00
Childbirth in the Glory - Janet Angela Mills (CD)

Childbirth in the Glory is a supernaturally anointed CD which will release God's promises for conception, pregnancy, delivery and dedication over your life. For many women pregnancy is oftentimes a season of sickness, mood swings and stress followed by tremendous pain and hard labor. Some married couples have even been told that they can never conceive a child, while others have suffered the pain of one miscarriage after another. As a child of God and citizen of heaven this is not the way God intended for it to be! This CD contains promise scriptures and anointed declarations set to beautiful soaking worship music intended for a pain-free and supernatural Childbirth in the Glory!

Includes the following tracks:
1) The Promise
2) Declarations for a Childbirth in the Glory
3) Entering into the Rest
4) Birthing
5) Consecrated unto the Glory
6) Prayer for all Children - by Lincoln Mills
(Tracks 7-12 are instrumental soaking worship)

Total time: 65:12

Our Price: $15.00
Reversing the Clock - Joshua Mills (CD)

Best-selling CD! We have received many testimonies of people receiving God's healing touch as they have listened to this CD and they have allowed the power of the Holy Spirit to touch them through the prophetic Word that is released!

Every time restraint must submit within an atmosphere of faith... the Word of His power releases divine acceleration for your miracle to happen NOW! Every burden, problem and disease must be broken within an atmosphere of the Spirit's anointing... It destroys the years of bondage and delivers you into realms of peace and security. Every limitation of time is removed within the atmosphere of God's Glory... the realm of eternity provides endless blessings and provision for a long and successful life!

Experience these realms of the Spirit as Joshua Mills prays, declares and decrees the Word of God over your life in this instrumental soaking atmosphere with Steve Swanson. We believe that you will be blessed, encouraged and transformed as you allow the realms of God's Glory to touch your spirit, soul and body.

Includes the following tracks:
1) Turning Back Time
2) Divine Restoration of All Things
3) Supernatural Health & Wholeness
4) The Healing Spirit Word
5) Age Reversal // Renewal of Youth // Fountain of Life

Total time: 52:00
*Includes CD only (does not include decorative items pictured)

Our Price: $15.00