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Encountering Your Angels: Biblical Proof That Angels Are Here to Help - Joshua Mills (Book) Seeing Angels Study Guide: How To Recognize and Interact With Your Heavenly Messengers - Joshua Mills (Study Guide) Seeing Angels: How To Recognize and Interact With Your Heavenly Messengers - Joshua Mills (Book)

A collection of 52 reflections on the works of angels found in Scripture. Joshua Mills highlights 52 times in which the Bible describes a specific angelic encounter, from delivering news to wrestling with a prophet to shutting the mouths of lions, and so much more. Each reflection includes a Scripture passage, an explanation of the angelic encounter, a personal story from Joshua, and a prayer to help readers begin to see and recognize angels in their own lives.
Size: 5x7 - 160 pages
Joshua Mills’s book Seeing Angels is one of the most in depth, scriptural examinations of angelic ministry by one of the cutting-edge charismatic leaders in the church today. This companion study guide, designed for both individual and group study, will help readers delve deeper into the meaning of angels and apply these miraculous truths. 112 pages.
One of the most in depth examinations of angelic ministry by one of the cutting-edge charismatic leaders in the church today. Joshua Mills goes beyond the usual takes on angels regarding spiritual warfare and explores who they are, how to recognize them, and what they do.
  • Part I, Understanding Your Angels, is all about understanding who angels are, exploring why they are necessary and how different angels minister comfort, healing, love, prosperity. It reveals who they carry out specific geographic assignments for cities and nations, as well as the more unique and extraordinary assignments they receive.
  • Part II, Discerning Your Angels, explains how to become more aware of the unseen heavenly realm, as well as how to recognize divine intervention when it does reveal itself to human sight. Such manifestations include random strangers, visions, or signs and messengers that believers receive. Joshua also explains the way he has interacted with visions of radiant light, swirling colors, and what he describes as atmospheric shifts. All of this is intended to make believers become more aware of both invisible and revealed spiritual realities.
  • Part III, Working with Your Angels, deals specifically with how to minister alongside these heavenly messengers as they stand watch, provide protection, and administer strength and comfort. This includes recognizing their movements and how to effectively pray for angelic encounters to take place.
With a foreword by Patricia King, Seeing Angels is among the most comprehensive teachings on recognizing angelic beings and understanding how to partner with them in ministry.
Activating Angels In Your Life - Angelic Activations & Heavenly Encounters (2 CD Set) Activating Angels 365 - Joshua Mills (Perpetual Calendar) Seeing Angels: How to Recognize and Interact With Your Heavenly Messengers (Audio Book)
If you look throughout the Scriptures, you find angels available to saints in days gone by. But the Holy Bible also gives us a clear understanding of the ways we can engage with angels in present times. From this wealth of biblical knowledge and through personal experience, Joshua Mills has both the testimony and the insight to activate you to engage with your personal angels. In this 2-CD set you will find spoken-word "Angelic Activations" and beautiful anointed music that will posture you for "Heavenly Encounters". Get ready to begin Activating Angels In Your Life!

Start everyday of the year with God and your angels! This desktop flip calendar works year after year (including on leap years). Receive supernatural encouragement with anointed decrees. Memorize favorite bible scripture verses. Live in God's promises for your life... and activate angels on assignment! Themed months include: Angels of Abundance, Angels of Divine Love, Angels of Wisdom, Angels of Supernatural Strength, Angels of Blessing, Angels of Creativity, Angels of Freedom, Angels of Favor, Angels of Healing, Angels of Harvest, Angels of Praise and Angels of Miracles. Spiral bound.

Listen as Joshua Mills narrates his latest book 'Seeing Angels' to you. In this book you will learn about God's angels in your life, how to recognize them and begin working with them on a daily basis to see God's heavenly purposes accomplished through you in a greater way! 6 CDS
Angels Deluxe Package
Angels Deluxe Package
Our Price: $111.00
This powerful package consists of 6 different glory resources:
Seeing Angels Book
Seeing Angels Study Guide
Seeing Angels Audio Book
Encountering Your Angels Book
Activating Angels in Your Life CD Set
Activating Angels 365 Perpetual Calendar